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Super 16 in 1 Sim Card Backup, Copy, Duplicate, Clone, Reader 15.00EUR

The 16IN1 super SIM card cloner is a preprogrammed device, which is specially designed to allow user to store or make a backup of 16 different mobile phone SIM cards in only 1 SIM card, it is able to clone all the data from your original SIM card including PIN code, phone book, SMS, ring tones, photos(for Nokia cell phones only), etc.

Support GSM COMP-128 V2 SIM card, compatible with 8 different SIM card which issued by network carrier. it can clone the KI and IMSI code. After cloning, you can use the cloneed 1 Sim Card as your original SIM card, software install will allow you to manage the SIM card copying process An extra menu will appear on your phone and you can switch to the different SIM numbers.

Ideal SIM card device for information safekeeping, set, cancel, and managing mobile PIN password, reading the phonebook of Sim card and save to PC, reading, editting, backuping telephone directory and SMS directly.

It has a storage capacity of 100 phonebook entries (0 to 100 in EEPROM and 125 on FLASH), SMS storage capacity configurable from 20 SMS


* Compatible with all GSM cellular phones.
* Able to decode GSM V1 SIM card.
* USB 2.0 and 1.1 compliant.
* Save up to 16 different SIMs into Super SIM card.
* Edit SMS short messages in your PC.
* Edit your Phonebook in your PC.
* GSM SIM PIN code(Password)management.
* No external power required.
* Build-in hundreds of Midi Ring tone for Ring tone editing.
* Copy & Backup the phone book and SMS message between your SIM cards.
* Convenient sorting functions.
* High speed decoding.
* 8 languages SIM Editor.

Extra Function:

* View info from your GSM/PCS SIM card.
* Read from SIM card edit, delete and backup to your PC.
* PIN code/On-line Menu Switch.
* Dual-mode Calling Timer.
* On-line Number Reminder.

Operating Hints:

* Please be patient when backup your data, it may take a long time.
* The legislation of some countries forbids creation and/or use of clones GSM Sim- card
(read laws !)
* All backUp function support A3A8 COMP128V1 SIM Card only
* This SIM Card Back-UP device doesn't support newest SIM Card that uses COMP128V2 algorithm to code KI key. For this matter, please contact your cell phone service provider for further information.
* Some GSM SIM Cards from 2001 (COMP128V1) are Scan-Limited. It has limited running scan times.
If the scan is over the limit, the SIM Card will be locked and will not work any more.
So don't scan the same SIM excessively if not necessary.
* If you use the same phone number in two mobile phone at the same time, your service application
supplier will detect that and suppose your sim had been stolen and will block your number.


How to distinguish between V1 and V2 sim cards:

* SIM cards issued before JUNE 2002 most likely are COMP128v1 SIM cards
* Phone book capacity more than 250 entries most likely are COMP128v2 SIM cards
* The first generation of SIM clone card is V1 card. But the operator developed V2 card recently with more encryption. At moment, there is no one can crack V2 card. If your Ki value is (00) (00) (00)…, meant V2 card.

Clone your 16 sims in this Super Sim Card. When two or more SIM cards with same number (original and cloned) are in used:
* Both phones can dial out but NOT in the same time
* Only the latest dialed out or powered on phone can receives calls, the other
phone will not ring
* If one phone is officially turned off (e.g. by switch off the power button), the
other phone can't receives calls even though it's still power on, the other phone
must make a call in order to make it can receives calls again.

Package Content
* 1 x Blank Super SIM Card.
* 1 x Super SIM Card Reader.
* 1 x Installation CD.

System Requirement
* Windows 98SEME2000XP.
* At least 1 spare USB port.
* 6MB free disk space.

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